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If you've got a SDRPlay RSP, then look at joining the facebook group I created, it's totally independent from the SDRPlay company, and you can get help and unbiased info on the RSP...with over 2,000 users and growing daily...


What is the SDRPlay RSP

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Ok, so where to start....what an amazing box, I've been into radio for about 40 years, 28 of those as a licensed HAM, I could have only dreamt about this box years ago, it makes radio a pleasure again, it was starting to wear off a little....

I got into SDR like many newbies via the cheap RTL dongle, then added an upconverter, mainly used for HF as a panadapter and for general shortwave and shortwave utility listening. They performed OK, when used with a good antenna... the SDR bug had taken hold and I was looking for something more, I was considering the airspy or perhaps the one of the elads or afredri, then I saw a post for the SDRPlay with the price drop to $149.00 so I did some research and it looked good, I liked the 8 MHz bandwidth, and the coverage that included HF without the need for the upconverter, and the extended coverage up to 2 ghz. I think I was sold within 20mins of reading the specs.

Welcome to NN4F.com

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This is a simple blog site, all about SDR Radio and Amateur Radio, and listening to the airwaves. Decoding signals and much more, stay tuned for the news about Software Defined Radio.


I'm currently working on this website, so bear with me...


If you are looking for my SDR-Console Guide for the SDRPlay it's right here...



And the guide for the new V3 of SDR-Console is here



If you are looking for a great guide for setting up HDSDR and the SDRPlay, then take a look at my good friend Mike Ladds guide...




The New RSP2 & RSP2pro
1Khz - 2Ghz 12bit SDR

FREE SDRuno Software
3 Antenna Ports
Enhanced Filtering
MW/FM Notch Filters

Support for SDR-Console/HDSDR Soon.



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