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So I don't just listen to Ham's. Sometimes we check out the normal FM band to, to see if we can hear any radio stations from another town, or state... Here we have a simple no-gain wire antenna attached to the SDRPlay and running SDR-Console V3, simon has just added RDS Decode, so you can see the decode from the signal, and you can catch the PI code, this helps identify the station you are listening to, and sometimes the ID that shows up, won't be the call of the station yo uare listening to, like my local WEZL, shows up as KART you can check PI codes at enter the PI code (in all caps) and it wil give you the station information.


This is WCOS (PI - 1B6E) out of Columbia SC, the TX site is about 125 Miles or so (click to enlarge)


Just something else to listen too, it's nice to be able to see the signals as well as hearing them, you may miss some of the weaker stations when you are just scanning through on a regular old type radio, I could get better if I put up a dedicated FM band antenna, but this will do for me for right now... 



The Elusive VK0EK - Heard Island.

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So I spent quite a few hours in between work and caring for my wife Terry, the times i was on the radio I never heard a peep out if them, to me it seems most were low band operations, and my low-band antenna is orientated North/South, so my best signals come from the East/West.


I never saw the spotted on the higher bands, one local friend was very lucky and managed to grab them, but I was at work. So I guess this one will be on the Not Worked list for quite a while now. If they had been on 20m and up, we have the gain in the Mosley, so we may have worked them, most dx-peditions park on 14.190-14.200 but never saw it.... oh well, just a country... One day... or a case of Not Heard Island. 


One stumbling block, see the mountain in the picture, that's the direction to the East Coast of the USA


One of the high band beams, still nothing heard from Heard Island... 


SDR-Console V3 Tuning

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Someone asked for a quick tuning method for V3, a direct keyboard entry will be added soon, but for now, this is the quickest way....


1. Click on the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner


2. Change the frequency on the pop up keyboard, using the mouse wheel over the digits you will see the waterfall will change also.


3. When on the desired frequency, close the pop up window and click on the waterfall and the frequency will change, unless you are accurate, you may be a few khz off, but this is the quick way until direct entry is enabled.



If you ask why it's difficult for direct entry, we have to decide which vfo is active? Does entering a new frequency move the LO? Does it affect the bandwidth span? Will it move to much to make another VFO/RX inactive? So it's not so simple as a single active VFO/RX? The logic has to be sorted out and that is what Simon is working on.....

End of an Era

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As a Radio Amateur and also a Professional broadcaster, this is such a sad sight, to see the end of an era and one of the Voice of America locations closing down, and the destruction of the antenna farm.... sad day for shortwave!


Extreme Shortwave Listening

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So are you an avid radio hobbyist, even a licensed ham operator, do you like listening to all the crazy stuff on shortwave radio, not just the AM broadcasts & Ham Radio, but Military Communications, Digital Signals, Shortwave Pirate broadcasts. If you do and you're on facebook, come and join our Extreme Shortwave Listening group, with just over 1200 members, we have a great group of people from all over the world. We talk Radios, Frequencies, Antenna's, Schedules & More.



Join us TODAY!!!!

Crash this if you can, Testing SDR-Console V3

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So the latest version of SDR-Console V3 was released to the test team tonight with some major improvements, added FM-Stereo and RDS decoding, and other small fixes, Simon still has a way to go, but each release is getting exponentially better.

Here we are monitoring the USA Amateur 60m Band, with all 5 channels active...

 Click on the read more for more images...

DXCC #324 FT4JA Juan De Nova, Europa

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Well I just worked my 324th DXCC entity, Juan De Nova, Europa, FT4JA, A good day for DX, bands aren't too bad but still haven't been able to work my friend Mike KD2KOG in NY, on 10m yet, but we'll keep on trying...


CQ WPX 20m on 4 element beam

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Messing around with the preview of SDR-Console V3 on the Mosley 4 element beam feeding the SDRPlay RSP. Quite a busy band as usual for a contest, with some big signals coming out of EU and the Middle East...



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