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Latest Page Updates: January 14th 2017 -  updated cookbook for new SDRUno Ver 1.22 & RSP1A


Just updating the page for the NEW SDRuno from SDRPlay, for the RSP1,RSP1A,RSP2 & RSP2pro this is a guide used in conjuction with the manual supplied in the install package. See link Below


SDRuno CookBook 
Latest Version is 1.22.002 January 14th 2017 November 22nd 06:26Z


Just added a new guide for V3 of SDR-Console that was released, Aug 17th, this is a setup guide for using V3 of Console with the SDRPlay RSP, it is an ever evolving file, will be updated as options are added to the program


Update: A new preview is due soon with many updates, NEW API 1.95 and Record/Playback tool have updated the V3 PDF ready for the immenient release of Preview #3 as of Aug 16th 2016




you can bookmark this page for updates to the guide... 




And the Quick Guide for V2.3 




Also there is a guide for HDSDR by Mike Ladd at this location



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The New RSP2 & RSP2pro
1Khz - 2Ghz 12bit SDR

FREE SDRuno Software
3 Antenna Ports
Enhanced Filtering
MW/FM Notch Filters

Support for SDR-Console/HDSDR Soon.



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