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  1. International Marconi Day (IMD) is a 24 hour amateur radio event that is held annually to celebrate the birth of Guglielmo Marconi on 25 April 1874. The event is usually held on the Saturday closest to Marconi’s birthday and this year it will be held on 21 April 2018 from 0000UTC to 2359UTC. Registered stations […]
  2. The RSGB has agreed to participate in the FIFA World Cup Marathon which is being organised by the Union of Radio Amateur of Russia (RRC). The Marathon is set to run from 1 June 2018 to 15 July 2018. There will be two call signs available for use on a rotation basis: GB18FWC, for stations […]
  3. Markus Vester, DF6NM has been honoured as one of the Inventors of 2017. As a Principal Key Expert at Siemens, he has worked on MRI systems since the pioneering days. Markus says, “I have to say that such an award shouldn’t be regarded as a solitary achievement, but rather also as an appreciation of the fine people and bright minds I am allowed to […]
  4. Illness of a key RSGB staff member means that it has not been possible to prepare Regional News again this week, for which we apologise. Details of many club events can be found in the April edition of RadCom, supplemented by the events map at Thank you to every one who has sent events […]
  5. A reminder that next Wednesday, 18 April 2018, radio amateurs worldwide will take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on that day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris. World Amateur Radio Day is the day when IARU member societies can show their capabilities […]


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