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  1. ARRL members and Amateur Radio clubs are expressing increased concern over the inclusion of WWV and WWVH on a list of proposed cuts in the White House’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Fiscal Year 2019 budget request. The proposed cuts also would include the Atomic Clock signal from WWVB used to synchronize specially […]
  2. The US Coast Guard says it’s received reports from crews, ship owners, inspectors, and other mariners regarding poor reception on VHF radiotelephone, digital selective calling (DSC), and automatic identification systems (AIS) when in the vicinity of LED lighting systems. This could include interior and exterior lighting, navigation lights, searchlights, and floodlights found on vessels of […]
  3. AMSAT has announced that it has granted OSCAR designators for the Chinese DSLWP-A and DSLWP-B microsatellites, successfully launched on May 18 into a lunar transfer orbit by a CZ-4C launch vehicle. DSLWP-A is Lunar-OSCAR 93 (LO-93), and DSLWP-B is Lunar- OSCAR 94 (LO-94). Telemetry signals were received from both satellites soon after launch, although DSLWP-A was […]
  4. UV-5RX3 is a compact, ergonomically hand fit HT, which balances cost, functionality and reliability. It provides real 5 watts in the frequency range of VHF, UHF, as well as an extra band 1.25M. It is a more refined version of the UV-5R with 2M/1.25M/70CM all in one. Specifications & Functions: Frequency Range: 136-173.975MHz, 200-259.975MHz, 400-519.975MHz […]
  5. On 8 August 2018, Norway got an updated amateur licence, allowing all Norwegian amateurs access to 50 to 52MHz with a power of 1kW. Other new privileges include permission for non-amateurs to operate an amateur station, under supervision of a licenced amateur, for training and educational purposes. On higher bands, amateurs received permission to use […]
  6. “Are you looking for a fun and easy antenna project? The 1/4 ground plane might be just the ticket. This particular ground plane is constructed out of an SO-239 chassis connector, so the radiator is attached to the center conductor of the connector and the radials each come off the base”
  7. Thomas Lindner, DL2RUM, is happy to announce the availability of version 3.5.2 of his RUMlogNG2Go logger for the iPhone and iPad.  RUMlogNG2Go can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store.  More information on RUMlogNG2Go can be found on Tom’s website, What’s New in Version 3.5.2 Added an option to sort the QSO table (iPhone) Fixed a problem with “Auto login” for few dx-cluster (iPhone […]
  8. Ray is installing a Four-Square system using four of the DX Engineering DXE-7580FS-VA-2 Vertical antennas at the Eastport, Maine site. Brand:DX Engineering Manufacturer’s Part Number:DXE-7580FS-VA-2 Part Type:HF Vertical Antennas and Packages Product Line:DX Engineering 80 Meter Self Supporting Heavy Duty Vertical Antennas DXE Part Number:DXE-7580FS-VA-2 HF Vertical Antenna Type:Monoband, adjustable Vertical Antenna Height:68.00 ft. Antenna […]
  9. SAQ, the old Alexanderson alternator transmitter at the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station in Sweden, received 321 listener reports in response to its three 17.2 kHz transmissions on Alexanderson Day, July 1. A video of the transmissions is available on YouTube. SAQ said five reports indicated that SAQ was not heard. A summary of listener reports and a map of listener […]
  10. Robert S. “Bob” Morris, W4MYA, of Goochland, Virginia, died on August 14. An ARRL Life Member, he was 72. Morris had been suffering from cancer but remained active on the air until very recently. He was sometimes called “Dude” within the contesting community for one of his favorite expressions, “Run ’em, dude.” Morris was a […]


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