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Hi, I'm Paul Jones, NN4F is my Amateur Radio Callsign.


I have been messing around with radios since the age of 7 when I got my first transistor radio that had Shortwave coverage.


It changed my world, I would spend hours late at night listening all over the world to the broadcasts, but also wondering what all those bleeps and tones were....


My current radio shack equipment is as follows:
Yaesu FTdx3000, FT100D, FT2800R, VX5R, AOR7030, SDRPlay RSP x4, RTL-SDR x8, Alpha78 Amplifier, Dentron MT3K Tuner, AlumaTower TX50XHD, Mosley TA-63N, Various Wire Doublets, HP i3 Laptop, AMD Dual Quadcore Desktop, 2x 23in LG Monitors, and various ancillary equipment.


Current Shack Layout as of Dec 2015


Current Tower & Antenna Setup


Just found an older shack picture in the previous house and the previous callsign of AI4MT, this was around 2007, as I had my FT100D and I'd saved up and purchased a Yaesu FT1000MP MkV, this was the Yaesu flagship radio at the time, and the step up in receive quality over the FT100D was amazing, this radio lasted me well for about 8 years until i got a direct lightning strike, I've since replaced it with the FTdx3000 which although slightly smaller, the receive quality has jumped up again.