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Ok, so where to start....what an amazing box, I've been into radio for about 40 years, 28 of those as a licensed HAM, I could have only dreamt about this box years ago, it makes radio a pleasure again, it was starting to wear off a little....

I got into SDR like many newbies via the cheap RTL dongle, then added an upconverter, mainly used for HF as a panadapter and for general shortwave and shortwave utility listening. They performed OK, when used with a good antenna... the SDR bug had taken hold and I was looking for something more, I was considering the airspy or perhaps the one of the elads or afredri, then I saw a post for the SDRPlay with the price drop to $149.00 so I did some research and it looked good, I liked the 8 MHz bandwidth, and the coverage that included HF without the need for the upconverter, and the extended coverage up to 2 ghz. I think I was sold within 20mins of reading the specs.

I jumped in and ordered that night, 6 days shipping from the UK to South Carolina, impressed. It arrived and I immediately went down to the radio shack and installed the driver, and fired up SDRConsole, wow, I was floored, the difference between the 8bit dongle and this new SDRPlay with its 12 bit ADC, a much better dynamic range, sure this is no flex or Perseus, but there again I didn't pay those prices... But it sure is close, I had. S5-7 noise floor on the rtl devices, now I have a S2 noise floor and solid huge signals all across the HF spectrum.


I use the RSP on my amateur radio antennas, for HF I use a Mosley TA63 6band 6element on a 50ft tower, so lots of gain from 20m thru 6m, and a full size 5/8 wave 160 doublet for 160-40m and 3 1000ft receiving beverages, the old saying, it's all about the aerials as we Brits say... Antennas for my home in the USA...


I have the used the RSP in several configurations so far, connected to the IF out on the back of my Yaesu FTdx3000 as a panadapter, works AMAZING, connected to the RX out, which passes the rx signal out for second rx use, and running SDRConsole, I now have the vfo in the radio, and SIX more vfos...I can be on 40m and monitor 30m, I can be on 30m and monitor 20m, I can be on 40m on a Saturday night and listen to the U.S. Pirate broadcasts on 6.9 'MHz, all with fantastic signals.


I've connected the antennas directly, same performance, perhaps a a fraction better, but using the back of the yaesu, allows me to TX and the RSP lines are muted via the Yaesu for RF protection.

Ok so more good news, we said it was 8mhz, well under sdrconsole, Simon the author has settings to 10mhz and 12 MHz, and YES they work,(current version 2.3 and v3 limited to 8mhz, try cubicsdr for wider) my I tried the wider setting on my main PC for the radio a which is an AMD with dual quad cores and 32gb of ram, both work like a dream, no stuttering at all, tried on my laptop, which is only a core2duo, win7 3gb, it works ok up to about 6mhz wide, after that I get a slight occasional stutter on 8mhz, 10 and 12 are a no go...


Sdrconsole is my preferred software and as I write this an update should be coming out with better control support for the sdrplay... I also use HDSDR, SDR#, SDRSharper, SoDiRa in that preferred order, and most programs the use the EXTIO DLL interface will support the RSP, even spectrum lab for use as an analyzer...


So how would I rate the SDRPlay as out of 10, probably a 9.9 as I never seem to rate anything 10 out of 10, and if they get the Mac USB support sorted out, it will be a 10/10

Performance is excellent, I can't compare, but I can say it has to be close to the airspy in performance, and wins in my eyes due to the full HF coverage with no upconverter, and I was also considering the HackRF, but that has great coverage, but it seems the rx reception is not as good as it should be...


I can highly recommend the SDRPlay RSP, it's all I need so far, and can't see needing anything any better for a while.


I'm a FAN... Go get one today... I'm addicted now, I have 4 of them for various operations...


I started an Independent Facebook Group  go join today




You can buy direct from http://www.sdrplay.com if in the UK
or in the USA 
you can get it from HRO at http://www.hamradio.com

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