The new RSP1A from SDRPlay

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Firstly, this is not  technical review, this is a quick review from an average users point of view, I'm not getting into technical details and comparing 12bit to 14bits etc...

So with that said, Today, SDRPlay announced the release of the RSP1A, a replacement and ugrade to the RSP1. The RSP1 has been out for several years now, and was due for retirement or upgrade, don't get me wrong, the RSP1 performs well, and will continue to be supported in SDRuno and SDR-Console and is still a great SDR radio, but production has now stopped on the RSP1 and has been replaced by the RSP1A. 

There are quite a few upgrades compared to the RSP1, filtering has been improved, comparable to the RSP2/RSP2Pro, MW/FM/DAB notch filters, Bias-T Output, 0.5ppm TCXO are the main upgrades

Yes the RSP1A looks just like the RSP1 on the outside, but the case is the same material as the RSP2 with internal shielding.

So what does all this mean to the average user in the real world, not in a lab setting using test instruments. Overall the HF performance has been improved, many, if not most of the HF spurious signals that were visible on the RSP1 have now gone, HF performance is pretty amazing, when tied to SDRUno and SDR-Console, the 1A is on par with the 2, if not slightly better, but the 2 still has the edge when selecting Antenna, and also the Refernce clock out to enable synching with multiple RSP2's.

Here we see a nice clean span of the HF Band, gone are the spurious signals, just clean HF signals, same on VHF.

The filters installed on the RSP1A are as follows

Front End Filtering Automatically configured front end filtering:
Low Pass
• 2MHz
Band Pass
• 2-12MHz
• 12-30MHz
• 30-60MHz
• 60-120MHz
• 120-250MHz
• 250-300MHz
• 300-380MHz
• 380-420MHz
• 420-1000MHz
High Pass
• 1000MHz

The Low pass filter is new, and not available on the RSP2. this is a nice addition. It's amazing how small of an antenna you can use to get good signals on HF, the above shot is just using a 60ft wire at 25ft high. I've been testing the RSP1A now for many months, and I'me very pleased with it's perfomance, very hard to get an overload warning in SDRUno. 

Signals on the 40m band during daylight hours, nice just signals again, none of the spurious one, if a signal is there, it's a real signal.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the RSP1A, I know there will be more in depth technical reviews, but as a regular ham radio user, would I buy the RSP1A, at $99.00 Yes with no hesitation, I've been running the RSP1A and RSP2Pro in tandem here at the NN4F station, and find that they compliment each other very well, I've been using the 1A on HF and the 2pro on VHF and Up

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