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A new version of SDRUno is about to be released, V1.03 some nice changes, better filter bandwidths, some bugs killed and small updates... This is the official software from SDRPlay for the RSP, it also supports other SDR's via the ExtIO DLL interface to a maximum of 1Mhz of bandwidth.


Changes for 1.03

High DPI resolution support for 4k monitor resolutions
Reworked filter cutoffs (20khz AM/SAM Wide USB for DRM/Data)
Filter button stays lit
Separate out EXTIO functionality (separate exe file for EXTIO radios)
RSP Ready notice in Main Window/SETT/Input indicator
Rename FM Stereo NR button & slider for clarity
Improved tuner AGC scheme
Improved DC offset scheme
Removed unused buttons on SP1/SP2 windows
Temporary LO frequency display in advanced window
Various bug fixes
Change defaults (LNA OFF / AGC ON)

Added LO to SP1 display
Added PTY to RDS display

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The New RSP2 & RSP2pro
1Khz - 2Ghz 12bit SDR

FREE SDRuno Software
3 Antenna Ports
Enhanced Filtering
MW/FM Notch Filters

Support for SDR-Console/HDSDR Soon.



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