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13 Colonies Station K2L, So over the July 4th weekend, I operated as part of the K2L team for the 13 Colonies Special Event, we put South Carolina on the air as one of the original 13 colonies, this is the 8th year of operation, and the event is getting bigger, this year our total contact count was down, as SC K2L we made 13,811 contacts with stations in the USA and Around the world. K2L made the most contacts as state, and we achieved TOP STATE again, this is the 3rd year we have done this. In total, all 13 colonies made a total of 139,772 contacts, up from 126,296 in 2015. The event is getting larger every year, for more info on the event visit www.13colonies.net I would like to thank all of my K2L operators, Doug, Brian, Frank, Ariel, Bill, Loyd, Tom, together the 8 of us made a great team. 

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