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So tonight I received the final pre-release beta for SDRuno, the software package from SDRPlay for use with their RSP1. Full public release should be this week, or Monday at the latest.


It works very well, as you would expect coming from Studio1, it has changes made by the SDRPlay team to use the RSP to it's full extent, those are the changes we have been testing for the past two weeks. We found a few bugs, but nothing major. 


It has a few things that need to be tweaked over the coming releases, like AM Bandwidth needs to be able to be increased, to name but one, at the moment 11Khz is the max AM bandwidth, which is more than plenty for most AM Broadcast stations, but the Chinese do insist on broadcasting at 20khz at sometimes...




All the windows are modular, so you can have open just what you need, here you see the Main, The RX, Memory, then below is the SP1 Spectrum and the SP2 Audio Spectrum windows, not visible are the RSP window, the EXW Extra Controls and the config windows.


Running SDRPlay/SDRuno/WSJT-X for JT65 Decode on 30m with a 65ft Wire (yes wsjt-x frequency is wrong)


I'll do a full review once the program is released along with a in-depth how to document.


Join the software group, this is the unofficial chat group run by us dedicated users...

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