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Testing the New SDR1 software from SDRPlay, (formerly Studio1) SDRPlay bought the rights to the software and are using it as a base for the SDRPlay RSP1, so far it seems very good, running through different settings and modes and is performing great, also the coverage is now up'd to 10Mhz bandwidth from 8Mhz. No prices as of yet, but looks like it's set for release by the end of June.



Here it is with 8mhz bandwidth and 4 VRX's (Virtual Receivers, each with 2 VFO's A/B )

We have started an unofficial chat group for the software


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The New RSP2 & RSP2pro
1Khz - 2Ghz 12bit SDR

FREE SDRuno Software
3 Antenna Ports
Enhanced Filtering
MW/FM Notch Filters

Support for SDR-Console/HDSDR Soon.



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