LimeSDR in action via GQRX

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So Alexandru Csete has his LimeSDR working under GQRX on Ubuntu, all the earlybird options on the LimeSDR have been taken, the first 500, now the $299 versions are available on CrowdSupply.


This is going to be an interesting ride, Alex is onboard for GQRX, using the soapysdr package, this also means that Charles Cliffes CubicSDR shhould also work great, this means it should work under windows, and also Simon Brown is now onboard and will build in RX & TX support via SDR-Console V3, and he has already said that if enough suppport, then he may compile to run under V2.3 for RX only.


Marty Wittrock KN0CK is also designing an RX/TX amplifier board, to give about 12watts output, so this would make a great QRP SDR Setup.



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