Lime-SDR, worth it or not, who knows

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Update: April 28th: 19:35Z So I went ahead and ordered a LimeSDR, now that i know @G4ELI is getting one, there is more than a good chance that SDR-Console will support the LimeSDR, also with @csete on board too, things are looking better....


Update: April28th: 18:23Z : So Alexandru Csete @csete has a LimeSDR and is working on getting it working with GQRX under Linux, We will watch with anticipation and his outcome...


Update: Apr28th: So the limesdr launched today, starting at $199 up to $799 if you want the snazzy Aluminum case... hmm, so it seems to me that they are concentrating on the IoT (Internet of Things) market rather than the Ham/SWL market, and Range is supposed to be 100Khz - 3.8Ghz, but there is some internal jiggery pokery to get it running below 30Mhz, so HF might now be as simple as it says? Just a VHF/UHF Device?

They are supported by Concanical (Ubuntu) you would have thought they could have funded the original 500 boards and at least given some to the TOP SDR Programmers like Simon Brown of SDR-Console fame, which is what leads me to the IoT comment, all the videos are about Wifi Nodes etc, I know it's only $199, but that's not cheap for somthing that we don't know even works yet, no proof of the ISS info was ever given...



Stay Tuned....


So tomorrow, April 28th a new SDR Radio launches via Crowd-Supply, the LimeSDR, unknown cost as of writing, also unknown is software usage, nothing has been made available, no reviews, only thing I found was a video/stills of a guy receiving the ISS, with the limeSDR attached to a Raspberry Pi, but no screen shots.




The Radio looks nice, and has great specifications, but so far, as I can tell that's it, no software support when you buy it, you're kind of on your own..


So we will see tomorrow what they come up with as far as pricing goes, but it looks like they have missed the BIG opportunity to hit the Amateur/SWL SDR market this radio with its coverage could have been a killer... but now, who knows... I just know I won't be spending my money just yet...


It looks like they are targeting the wifi market and building your own connectivity, so we will see...

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