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So I don't just listen to Ham's. Sometimes we check out the normal FM band to, to see if we can hear any radio stations from another town, or state... Here we have a simple no-gain wire antenna attached to the SDRPlay and running SDR-Console V3, simon has just added RDS Decode, so you can see the decode from the signal, and you can catch the PI code, this helps identify the station you are listening to, and sometimes the ID that shows up, won't be the call of the station yo uare listening to, like my local WEZL, shows up as KART you can check PI codes at enter the PI code (in all caps) and it wil give you the station information.


This is WCOS (PI - 1B6E) out of Columbia SC, the TX site is about 125 Miles or so (click to enlarge)


Just something else to listen too, it's nice to be able to see the signals as well as hearing them, you may miss some of the weaker stations when you are just scanning through on a regular old type radio, I could get better if I put up a dedicated FM band antenna, but this will do for me for right now... 



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