The Elusive VK0EK - Heard Island.

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So I spent quite a few hours in between work and caring for my wife Terry, the times i was on the radio I never heard a peep out if them, to me it seems most were low band operations, and my low-band antenna is orientated North/South, so my best signals come from the East/West.


I never saw the spotted on the higher bands, one local friend was very lucky and managed to grab them, but I was at work. So I guess this one will be on the Not Worked list for quite a while now. If they had been on 20m and up, we have the gain in the Mosley, so we may have worked them, most dx-peditions park on 14.190-14.200 but never saw it.... oh well, just a country... One day... or a case of Not Heard Island. 


One stumbling block, see the mountain in the picture, that's the direction to the East Coast of the USA


One of the high band beams, still nothing heard from Heard Island... 



0 #3 Paul - nn4f 2016-04-11 21:12
Yes brian, good job, One up on me!!!!
+1 #2 Brian KI4LXH 2016-04-11 20:34
I feel as though I'm the lucky friend that Caught them! XD I was just barely able to pull them out on 30 meters. Right place, right time. Honestly, I kinda feel good having one you dont j/k
+1 #1 Jeff Bennett k4BTC 2016-04-11 19:56
Feeling your pain. I have a dipole pointing right at them and never "heard" haha them

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