SDR-Console V3 Tuning

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Someone asked for a quick tuning method for V3, a direct keyboard entry will be added soon, but for now, this is the quickest way....


1. Click on the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner


2. Change the frequency on the pop up keyboard, using the mouse wheel over the digits you will see the waterfall will change also.


3. When on the desired frequency, close the pop up window and click on the waterfall and the frequency will change, unless you are accurate, you may be a few khz off, but this is the quick way until direct entry is enabled.



If you ask why it's difficult for direct entry, we have to decide which vfo is active? Does entering a new frequency move the LO? Does it affect the bandwidth span? Will it move to much to make another VFO/RX inactive? So it's not so simple as a single active VFO/RX? The logic has to be sorted out and that is what Simon is working on.....

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