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So are you an avid radio hobbyist, even a licensed ham operator, do you like listening to all the crazy stuff on shortwave radio, not just the AM broadcasts & Ham Radio, but Military Communications, Digital Signals, Shortwave Pirate broadcasts. If you do and you're on facebook, come and join our Extreme Shortwave Listening group, with just over 1200 members, we have a great group of people from all over the world. We talk Radios, Frequencies, Antenna's, Schedules & More.





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The New RSP2 & RSP2pro
1Khz - 2Ghz 12bit SDR

FREE SDRuno Software
3 Antenna Ports
Enhanced Filtering
MW/FM Notch Filters

Support for SDR-Console/HDSDR Soon.



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100Khz - 3.8Ghz - SDR Transceiver



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