Crash this if you can, Testing SDR-Console V3

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So the latest version of SDR-Console V3 was released to the test team tonight with some major improvements, added FM-Stereo and RDS decoding, and other small fixes, Simon still has a way to go, but each release is getting exponentially better.

Here we are monitoring the USA Amateur 60m Band, with all 5 channels active...

 Click on the read more for more images...

 And then we switch to the Matrix display, this is better used when the VFO's are wider apart.



Then we decided to watch for some DX Stations, Here is a RTTY Pileup for FT4JA on 30m, you can see where the DX station stops and all the others start calling him...



Then I decided to check out the NEW RDS/FM Stereo additions to the package.





-1 #1 Frank Meacher 2016-04-11 10:30
left bad email address previously. Can I try out Console v3? I am having major problems with 2.3

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