ADS-B on the SDRPlay RSP

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SDRPlay released an ADS-B driver for the RSP and ADS-B signals, to allow the RSP for use on aircraft tracking, I set one of my RSP's up for feeding the data to FlightRadar24, if you send a data feed to FR24, you get a FREE Premium account. Seems to be working quite well, range is about the same as using a RTL Dongle to decode, but the aircraft tracking total seems to be greater. Below image is Dump1090_SDRplay feeding Virtual Radar Server, which then feeds out to FR24feeder. Will have it running 24/7 will update will stats later...



Running Virtual Radar Server on a local dedicated radio PC 

Virtual Radar Server

If you have an SDRPlay, below is the link for the ADS-B Software.

Virtual Radar Server is available here

and Flightradar server is available here




+1 #1 Ray 2016-05-05 23:03
I cant get the info to display on the map. The batch file crashes dump1090 if I do not remove the -net from the file. I wonder how you managed that.

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